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aerial vehicle
Concept H

How can people in megacities like Shanghai travel to their destination quickly, quietly and sustainably? For the innovative startup Pantuo Aviation from Shanghai, studiokurbos designed an air vehicle - in close cooperation with the colleagues from the Shanghai office, who know exactly the needs of the target groups and provide valuable insights.


The challenge
of individual

Individual mobility in megacities confronts many people with major challenges. How demanding customers in Shanghai can get to their destination quickly, sustainably and quietly in the future is something that the progressive startup Pantuo Aviation from Shanghai has considered.


and landing

The aerial vehicle „PANTALA Concept H“ is a production-ready eVTOL ("electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft"), which is fully electrically powered via ducted fans and enables vertical take-off and landing in limited space. With a range of 250 km, it can quickly transport 5 people to their desired destination at a maximum speed of 300 km/h. The aerial vehicle is expected to fly passengers through Shanghai starting in 2027.



During take-off and landing, the wings fold down, as a whole, whereupon the aerial vehicle can be steered vertically upwards. This is a unique selling proposition and clearly distinguishes it from all other products on the eVTOL market. The 22 large-diameter distributed propeller fans replace the rotors known from conventional helicopters and provide optimal maneuverability while hovering and high noise reduction. The innovative tilt-wing system improves aerodynamics in flight.


The design -
and spacious

In the design, sporty agility meets futuristic elegance. The premium character of the aircraft is evident at first glance in the exterior through the generous surfaces, few component separations and dynamic lines. It stretches like a second skin over the complex technology - minimalist and innovative at the same time.
This approach is consistently continued in the interior. A wraparound line encloses the passengers and conveys a feeling of security that picks up on the "cocooning" trend as a homage to Asian cultures. For the discerning target group, the focus was on ample storage space and comfort.


Light as

The hexagon structure is a central design element. As a light graphic on the glazed roof, it stands for the feeling of cohesion, stability and, not least, connectivity. Light plays an important role in the overall concept - for example, the interior is flooded with light through the large glass surfaces. The continuous light strip at the rear of the aircraft in night design ensures optimum visibility and becomes a brand-defining recognition effect.

„The design work also incorporated the expertise of our Chinese colleagues, who themselves live and work in Shanghai. This "inside view" inspired us a lot culturally and aesthetically.“

Andreas Kurbos, Founder & CEO




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