UI | UX Design

Our user experience design team develops pioneering interaction and screen design concepts. We connect real and virtual worlds and thus create fascinating spatial experiences for products and automobiles.


UI | UX Design

identity in
digital space

Digitization means experience, networking, emotion, future. We develop holistic user experiences through forward-looking and intuitive display concepts. Our focus: people with their abilities, needs, wishes, dreams. We think and visualize interaction concepts. We design storyboards, screen content, animations, interactive prototypes. We use today's technologies to make tomorrow's visions tangible for our customers and their users and to strengthen confidence in future technologies and their applications.


UI | UX Design

and analysis

A detailed target group- and needs-analysis lay the foundation for the design of advertisements and multimodal interactions. An understanding of the current design and market trends helps us to create innovative designs. With creative curiosity and new technologies, we develop solutions for specific target groups in cooperation with our customers.

  • Context of use
  • Trend research
  • Scenarios & personas
  • Customer journey

UI | UX Design


In the field of user interface design, we combine function and emotion, interaction, and attractiveness. The focus is on optimizing the user's experience, planning the information architecture, and conceiving models for possible designs. We design user interfaces that combine virtual and real worlds.

  • Look & feel
  • Information architecture
  • Interaction concepts and processes
  • Wireframes and specifications

UI | UX Design

and interaction

Animated content draws the user's attention and opens new possibilities for conveying information and guiding users. Animations, moving icons, and sound effects help to understand interactions and to carry them out safely.

  • Animatics
  • Motion design
  • UX animations

UI | UX Design

and prototyping

Make the product tangible and allow interaction before the final implementation. With the help of prototyping in software and hardware, we check the functionality, aesthetics, and feasibility of our concepts. Our clients experience their product holistically under real conditions and in an emotional way.

  • Interactive simulations and MVPs
  • Creation of software and hardware prototypes
  • Test and analysis

UI | UX Design


From the concept and the design of user interfaces and interactions, all the way to the delivery of files for implementation in software and testing and analysis - studiokurbos is the design partner for unique and fascinating user experiences. With the latest technology, we enable you to experience your visions of products and interactions already during the development process.

  • Style guides
  • Asset production
  • Graphics and icons
  • Series development
  • Prototypes and show cars


2017 | Borgward Isabella Showcar | IAA Frankfurt

2021 | Modular Vehicle Concept | Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e. V. (DLR)

since 2015 | Digital brand identity for the sports car brand